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permanent makeup eyebrows kent - Semi Permanent makeup can give you that natural defined look

Would you like to experience the benefits of Permanent Makeup,

but are being held back by fear and anxiety?

It’s completely normal to feel anxious at the prospect of having a facial tattoo - it’s not something you have done every day!

I totally understand this, and it’s why I take the utmost care to reassure people who come to speak to me about the possibility of having treatment.

People often ask me:

I believe it’s important:

Watch the video below, to hear one person’s experience with Cherie at Natural Definitions.

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Take a look at some testimonials below of happy clients who have had their Permanent Makeup done at Natural Definitions.

Many of these clients had similar anxieties before their first treatment and they can give you an insight into their own experiences with some honest feedback.

  • Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Lisa

    Lisa Vickery (Eyeliner)

    She is fantastic & very considerate of nervous clients! x

  • Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Ria

    Ria (Eyebrows)

    Testimonial from Ria after having her eyebrow treatment at Natural Definitions

  • Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Joan

    Joan (Lips)

    I expected it to be more uncomfortable as my lips are very tender

  • Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Angela

    Angela (Eyebrows)

    Testimonial from Angela after having her eyebrow treatment at Natural Definitions

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What is Semi Permanent makeup

Semi Permanent makeup is both an art & science in the careful application of cosmetics by a specialist makeup technician which can last for up to two years before requiring a colour boost.

Semi Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation as it is sometimes known, is an innovation in the beauty industry, which is becoming more & more popular as people are discovering the advantages of using Semi Permanent cosmetics . It also gives us a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery to maintain a more youthful looking appearance.

The procedure is similar to that of a tattoo & is relatively painless. During treatment carefully applied non-toxic hypo allergenic micro pigments are placed into the uppermost dermal layer of the skin using sterile single use micro needle cartridges, after the application of topical anaesthetics which minimise any discomfort for the client.

Why have Semi Permanent makeup

Imagine having perfectly applied makeup by a professional that stays in place all day, every day. Perfectly Shaped Brows, Fuller Looking Lips & Smudge Resistant Eyeliner.

People are not only choosing Semi Permanent Makeup for their appearance but also because it suits their lifestyle. Saving time spent on daily make up routines, especially professionals with very little time.

Boosting confidence without having to worry about makeup running or smudging even when swimming or exercising, ideal for sports enthusiasts especially those who suffer with sensitive or watery eyes including Hayfever Sufferers.

Restoring self esteem to people with insufficient or no eyebrows/eyelashes including Alopecia & Cancer Sufferers, people who have overplucked brows including those in need of correction of asymmetrical brows & lips.

Semi Permanent Makeup is also useful for those who suffer with allergies to conventional makeup as well as those with poor vision or an unsteady hand, who struggle to apply conventional makeup.

Whatever the reason, you can have beautiful naturally applied makeup day & night giving you a more defined & youthful appearance.